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Staging your home on a budget

Category: General Published on Jan 29 2019

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, staging can make all the difference in the length of time it takes to sell, and the price you ultimately end up getting.

In the past few weeks, we’ve talked about why staging your home, especially in competitive markets like Doylestown and Jamison, is so important, and we’ve explored the top five tips for staging. We’ve also talked about some of the hidden costs involved in selling your home, so if you want to reap the benefits of staging while keeping the expense to a minimum, here are a few tips and tricks to get started:

Strategic touch-ups

While it may be nice to completely renovate a bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen in preparation for selling your home, it will also be expensive. The good news is that you can still uplevel the look and appeal of those rooms without gutting them and bringing in all new appliances and furniture.
Here’s a list of small, do-it-yourself improvements that can still have a major impact:

• Paint and Hardware: Switching out old hardware (cabinet knobs and handles; sink, tub, and shower knobs and faucets) and painting cabinets instead of replacing them can bring a modern, fresh, and updated look to your kitchen or bathroom.

• Fabrics: Fabrics are key to setting the tone of a room. You can brighten up a small bathroom with a white fabric shower curtain, give new life to older furniture with slipcovers, and transform your bedroom into a serene oasis with elegant but inexpensive linens. Options like “bedding in a bag” are economical, and provide coordinated sheets, covers, and shams.

• Lights: You can change a room from dingy to warm by simply changing a light bulb or bringing in a small lamp. Replace fluorescent, harsh, or inadequate light bulbs with warmer, brighter options. If there are areas that need additional light, incorporating a small lamp is an inexpensive way to keep the room bright and inviting.

Height and focus

One of the best things you can do for a room is give it the illusion of greater space and height, and there are budget-friendly ways to do both.

Incorporating inexpensive accent pieces that have tall vertical lines can make a room look taller. From art work to narrow vases with tall, thin branches, items that draw the eye up will help enhance the perception of height in the room. Another trick is to use ceiling to floor curtains. Even if your windows aren’t that tall, the long line of fabric will create the illusion of higher ceilings.

You can also create a sense of spaciousness in your home by defining a focal point based on a feature you want to highlight. Whether it’s a fireplace, a beautiful window, or some other architectural element, draw the attention of your prospective buyers by using lighting or one can of paint in an accent color. This helps guide the eye through the room, starting with its best feature and following the flow of the space from there.

Your licensed real estate agent is also a great resource for advice on how to maximize the staging potential of your home with minimal out of pocket cost to you!

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