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Real Estate Agent Myths Debunked

Category: General Published on Apr 30 2019

For most people, selling a home is an infrequent event, full of unfamiliar legal and financial intricacies. Working with a trusted real estate agent helps us not only sell our homes more quickly and profitably, even in competitive markets like Bucks County, but ensures we understand the legal and financial processes involved.

To get the most out of this important relationship, you’ll want to steer clear of these common misconceptions: All real estate agents in an agency are the same. If you went to a medical practice with ten different doctors, chances are you’d ask in advance which one specializes in the areas that matter most to you. From expertise in different medical conditions to training and experience treating children or teens, you’ll chose the professional who fits your needs. The same holds true with real estate agents. Some have a particular expertise in selling high end homes; others may know specific neighborhoods inside and out. One agent may have extensive experience helping people downsize, while another may know how to direct you to the home of your dreams for a growing family. Determine what matters most to you and seek the agent whose expertise and track record meet your needs.

Real estate agents aren’t necessary to sell your home. While it is certainly legal, and possible, to sell your home without the aid of a real estate agent, there are many reasons it is not advisable. The financial and legal aspects of real estate transactions require knowledge and expertise that the average homeowner doesn’t have, simply because it’s not something they do very often. Real estate agents are not only trained and licensed, but focus their professional development on staying current with laws, regulations, fees, and best practices associated with home sales. Beyond that, their extensive network and marketing capabilities can generate more interest than most homeowners can do on their own. A good real estate agent will take care of everything involved in selling your home. A good real estate agent will take care of many of the tasks involved in selling your home and make many others far easier and more efficient.

However, there are certain aspects of a home sale that can only work as a partnership. For example, a real estate agent can bring people to your home for showings and open houses, but what prospective buyers see when they get there is up to you. You can work with your agent on this as well, getting tips on staging and prep for open houses, but ultimately, the condition of your home will be determined by you. The key here is to see the value of your relationship with your agent as someone whose expertise you trust and can depend on to guide you wisely in the areas that are your responsibility. When it comes to selling your home, working with the right real estate agent can be a game changer. Knowing the importance of that relationship, finding the best agent for you, and working together as a team will help you steer clear of real estate myths and have a more positive and profitable selling experience.

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