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How To Make Your Home Stand Out In a Competitive Market

Category: General Published on Jun 26 2019

If you’ve decided to sell your Bucks County home, you’ve probably already learned that it’s a competitive market. Towns like Doylestown, Jamison, and surrounding areas are known for their beautiful homes, and the added benefits that come from residing in thriving neighborhoods that retain their own charm while still providing easy access to larger cities like Philadelphia.

So how do you distinguish your home from other high-value properties on the market? Here are a few tips to help ensure that your home stands out:

1. Partner with a dedicated real estate agent who is also a local expert. Choose a real estate agent who is as eager for your success in selling your home as you are, and approach the relationship as a collaboration where your agent’s expertise guides your strategy for marketing. For more information, check out our article about importance of working with an agent who specializes in your area and is able to use an insider’s understanding of the neighborhood and county to highlight what makes your property so valuable.

2. Price your home competitively. In a market flush with beautiful homes situated in desirable neighborhoods, strategic pricing is vital. While you don’t want to undervalue your home, it’s also important to not make the mistake of purposely pricing too high with the hope that this will give you room to negotiate. All too often this strategy backfires, as buyers simply bypass overpriced homes to focus on the still broad selection of more accurately priced properties.

3. Focus on staging. Statistics show that staging can help you sell your home more quickly, and get much closer to your asking price than you would otherwise. In a competitive market, staging isn’t just a good idea—it’s a necessity. You’ll want to cover the basics like decluttering, paying attention to lighting, and making obvious cosmetic repairs, but beyond that, there are extra touches that can make a big difference. Your real estate agent can provide you with staging ideas that will give your home the competitive edge it needs in attracting prospective buyers.

4. Go the extra mile with curb appeal. What staging does for the interior of your home, curb appeal does for your exterior. Upping your property’s curb appeal is a good idea to help with any home sale, but the more competitive the market, the more important it is to take every aspect of the home’s appearance into consideration. If you work with your real estate agent to optimize the exterior of your home, you can increase your chances for a successful sale with a memorable first impression.

5. Boost your online appeal with professional photos. The vast majority of prospective buyers will view your home online—either on your real estate agent’s website, or on a real estate listing site. For many buyers, this will be the place they form their first impression. You can get a head start on positioning your home as a step above the competition by using professional photos. Photographers who specializes in real estate photos are skilled in capturing your home’s best features and showing the property to its greatest advantage, increasing the interest in your home and the likelihood buyers will come out to take a look in person.

With these strategies in place, your Bucks County home will be better positioned to stand out in a competitive market. Talk to a trusted local real estate agent today about how to implement them for your home!

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