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5 Things You Can Do Without Leaving Your Home To Prepare Your House For Sale

Category: General Published on May 19 2020

Just like every other industry, the real estate market in Southeastern Pennsylvania has seen some changes due to current events, but savvy homeowners and real estate agents are working together to find innovative ways to pivot and continue to successfully buy and sell their homes. Especially in the competitive markets of Bucks County, boasting beautiful neighborhoods like Doylestown and Jamison, it’s important to approach this time strategically to get the greatest value for your home.  

If you are looking to sell your house, there are many things you can do right now to help get it ready. Pauline has compiled a list of five, and all of them can be done right from the comfort of your own home.

1. Take stock.

Now is the perfect time to take an honest look at your home. Ask yourself the following questions, and allow time for thoughtful and thorough answers: What can I let go of to make my home feel more open and inviting to prospective buyers? What small things can I repair to upgrade the look of the house? What little comforts or improvements can I add to enhance the space? What are my home’s best features, and how can I play them up?

2. Do small repairs.

Once you’ve taken stock of your house, you’ll have a good feel for what small repairs can be done easily and safely by you. If you need tools or materials that you don’t have on hand and it isn’t practical to go to a store, you can always place an order online. Small repairs can include things like changing lighting fixtures, faucets, shower heads, and door pulls. You might want to do some paint touch ups, replace old curtains or blinds that aren’t in the best shape anymore, or give new life to your floors by polishing hardwood and steam cleaning carpeting.

3. Declutter.

Less is more. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and go through your home with a critical eye. Haven’t used that exercise bike since 2002? It’s time to let it go. Many local charities will pick up donated items. You can also make them available to friends or family who may want them, sell them online, or, if they are no longer in usable condition, get rid of them. The less cluttered your home is, the more likely your prospective buyers will be to see themselves fitting into it.

4. Take pictures.

Most prospective buyers will see your home for the first time in an online listing, so invest some time into getting really great pictures that show off your home’s best features. Have a gorgeous fireplace, or high-end marble countertops? Make sure they are showcased to their best possible advantage.

5. Make a plan.

Do you know how your home’s school district ranks? How close is your home to major cities or centers of industry and culture? What kind of arts and entertainment opportunities does your neighborhood offer? Take the time to talk with Pauline McNamee about her strategy for presenting not just your home but your neighborhood in the best possible light, with all of its greatest features highlighted.

The sale of your home doesn’t have to slow down or be delayed if you work with Pauline to create the right strategy, and you take advantage of any downtime to prepare your home so it can be appreciated for its full value. For tips on how to place your home on the market—and successfully sell it—talk with Pauline McNamee today!!

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